Moodle on Windows Azure Websites – Part1

Moodle is leading open-source Learning management system (LMS) .  In this post I will show you how to set  up a Moodle website on Azure using Web Matrix  .

What you will need

  • Web Matrix 2 installed on your local machine
  • A subscription for Windows Azure websites service

Create a local Moodle site :

Open Web Matrix and select App Gallery


Select Moodle from the list of application shown in Web Matrix


Web Matrix will install an prerequisites for Moodle on your local machine if there is any missing dependencies .


Click on “I Accept” to initiate installation on Web Matrix and during the installation you will be  asked to enter a password for the site admin user  (user name is ‘admin’ by default )  and password salt .


Once Moodle is installed successfully , you should see a message to note the database information for the site .


Now Moodle is up and running . Click on Run in Web Matrix and you should see Moodle web installer


Read the license information and click on continue


Moodle installer will perform a system check to confirm you have all the dependencies it requires


Moodle installer will set up the database


Once this is completed you will need to setup an site “administrator” user


Configure the site for Moodle


Thats it ! Moodle is up and running on Web Matrix



4 thoughts on “Moodle on Windows Azure Websites – Part1

  1. I wanted to take some directions for Moodle on Azure ‘best practices’. Any information on this for such a project before, during and after the engagement.

    1. At the moment we only support IIS web server . Note when running on IIS , i recommend to use wincache with any PHP application and use php 5.5 + for better performance.

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