Moodle on Windows Azure Websites – Part2

In the previous article I showed you how to create a local Moodle site using Web Matrix . Now its time to migrate this to Azure website . First you need have a subscription for Azure Websites , for details visit 

Once you have logged in to the new Management portal , click on the following to create a website with “custom create”


Enter the name of the website and select “Create  a new MySQL database” option . Click on


Read  and Accept the terms and conditions for Clear DB MySQL service and click on

When the site is created and configured with the database , you will see a message at the bottom as seen here


You will need to download the publish profile for the site you created , ‘mymoodle’


Open you local Moodle site in Web Matrix , and click on the publish button


Click on Import publish profile and browse for the publish profile file you downloaded for site ‘mymoodle’


The azure website profile for ‘mymoodle’ will be pre-populated in the publish dialog .

Click on continue and you can see the publish compatibility dialog . You can see if your site is compatible for publishing to Azure website with this feature


Click on Yes and Continue till you see a Publish Preview dialog for the site


Click on continue to start publishing to the azure website ‘mymoodle’ .  Once you have published the site content  onto azure website with Web Matrix ,  you can browse the site ‘mymoodle’  . Moodle site has now successfully been deployed to Windows Azure website .



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