CodeIgniter on Windows Azure Website

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework and one of the most popular frameworks for PHP available due to its small footprint .  To install CodeIgniter on your existing windows azure website , you need to

  • Download a copy of CodeIgniter framework from here
  • Extract the content of the CodeIgniter ZIP package into your application folder

  • Deploy your application using GIT (you may also use FTP , Web Matrix or any of the supported deployment technologies for Windows Azure Websites)
    • Install GIT  on your local machine , if you haven’t already
    • Setup GIT deployment on Azure Website :
      • Click on “Setup deployment from source” on your existing website using the  management portal on


      • Select Local GIT repository and continue . This will set up a GIT deployment for your website


      • You will now see a Deployments Tab for your site with a list of instructions on how to deploy your local site content to the azure website
      • Open Git BASH command Line and  move to your application folder (‘myflasksite’ folder )
      • At the command prompt, and then type this command:
git init
git add .
git commit -m "initial commit"
      • At the command prompt, change to the root directory for your app, and use the following
git remote add azure <GIT URL as shown in the dasboard for your site>
git push azure master

Once the content is deployed  successfully , browse the site and you should see CodeIgniter’s start page  .


Happy coding on Windows Azure Websites !!!


2 thoughts on “CodeIgniter on Windows Azure Website

  1. Hi,
    I deployed using GitHub but I can still see the Apache homepage. Any thoughts ? Do I have to change the URL to make it display the welcome page?


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