WordPress with SQL Azure on Windows Azure Websites

WordPress now comes with SQL Azure support built by Brandoo Group for Windows Azure Websites.  In this tutorial you will learn how to create a WordPress site with SQL Azure .

Once you are logged into the Management portal , you will need to create a new site “from gallery” as shown below


Choose Blogs category and then select Brandoo WordPress


Enter the following information :

  • Site name , say ‘wordpressapp’
  • Select region , say West US
  • Select New SQL Azure Database
  • Enter the database user and password for your application (Windows Azure Websites will create this user for your application when deploying the application . Note this user must be UNIQUE )

Move on to the NEXT page of the wizard by clicking the  NEXT button


Now select an existing SQL Azure server or create a new SQL Azure server. For  this tutorial , I am using an existing SQL Azure server .


Click on complete button and your WordPress application will be deployed .  In the status bar you will see a message that your application was deployed successfully .


Browse you website and complete the 5 minute WordPress configuration  as seen below


Once the WordPress is installed and configured you can log in to you WordPress dashboard and start blogging  .


Browse your new Blog powered by WordPress and SQL Azure  🙂



9 thoughts on “WordPress with SQL Azure on Windows Azure Websites

  1. I really like the sound of this.

    Do you know if it is possible to migrate from azure wordpress with mysql to sql azure?

    Also, are there any gotchas that you know about? I’ve been finding some problems with wordpress hosted in iis (nothing major, just little things with some plugins and upgrades)

  2. Hi Sunitha,

    Thanks for the blog it is very simple and easy to use. I am gonna use brandoo template for my wordpress website, can you please let me know if there is any impacts,dependencies or known issues while deploying my application into production using brandoo.

    Many Thanks,

    1. You should test out Themes and Plugins that you intend to use . They may or may not work well with the app as they may not support using SQL Azure/SQL Server database which this app supports.

  3. Revolution Slider not working. I bought new theme and tried to install using MsSQL / Azure SQL and returning the below errors. Its working fine using MySQL.

    Revolution Slider Error:no update action taken! Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘no update action taken!’ in

    C:\DWASFiles\Sites\WPAzure\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\revslider\inc_php\framework\functions.class.php:9 Stack trace:

    #0 C:\DWASFiles\Sites\WPAzure\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\revslider\inc_php\framework\db.class.php(101): UniteFunctionsRev::throwError(‘no update actio…’)

    #1 C:\DWASFiles\Sites\WPAzure\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\revslider\inc_php\revslider_operations.class.php(851): UniteDBRev->update(‘wp_revslider_cs…’, Array, Array)

    #2 C:\DWASFiles\Sites\WPAzure\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\revslider\revslider_admin.php(308): RevOperations::importCaptionsCssContentArray()

    #3 C:\DWASFiles\Sites\WPAzure\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\revslider\revslider_admin.php(127): RevSliderAdmin::createTable(‘revslider_css’)

    #4 C:\DWASFiles\Sites\WPAzure\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\wp- in

    C:\DWASFiles\Sites\WPAzure\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\revslider\inc_php\framework\functions.class.php on line 9

    Please let me know how to resolve this issue, please email to Dwarapudi@live.in

    1. WordPress was built to support MYSQL . Seems like you theme is not compatible with WordPress + SQL Azure. This is a forked version of the application and people who build themes , plugins or extensions for WordPress choose the default WordPress + MySQL configuration. You should contact the folks who built the theme and see if they can help you figure out a solution to get the theme to work with SQL Azure+WordPress solution. If not , choose a different theme that works with SQL Azure. You can contact the folks who built this forked version of WordPress : http://brandoo.pl/en/

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