Migrate your existing WordPress site to Windows Azure

Windows Azure Websites is a PaaS solution offered by Microsoft which offers a great foundation to power your web applications. It is built to manage millions of requests per day and load balances requests as needed. You don’t need to worry about maintenance of your servers since Windows Azure websites takes care of it for you.

In this tutorial I will show you how to migrate your existing WordPress blog on WordPress.com or any other hosted service to Windows Azure Websites. Login to the dashboard for your blog on WordPress.com and select Toolsà Export to export your blog content

Export tool creates a WXR (WordPress extended RSS) file that contains all the your content information and is ready to be imported .

Now login to Azure Management portal. If you don’t have an account sign up for the free trial and get $200 credit towards Windows Azure services like Websites, VM, Mobile Services and many more J . Create a new WordPress website from the Gallery following these steps shown below :

In two minutes you have a new WordPress site up and running on Azure Websites service. The site will be created under “Free” mode which does not support high availability and conforms to Azure websites SLA. I recommend you configure your website in Standard mode. Standard Mode allows you choose which sites run on dedicated virtual machines that correspond to standard Windows Azure compute resources. Azure websites services provides a 99.9% SLA when you run in the Standard Mode. Go to your website dashboard and select SCALE. Set the mode to STANDARD and save your configuration. For the sake of this tutorial I am using 1 small instance.

Now let’s login to the dashboard and install Plugin WordPress Importer which will allow you to import the WXR file that was created earlier from your WordPress.com blog.

We can now import the WXR file into your WordPress site on Azure websites. In your site’s dashboard, select Toolsà Import à WordPress

Upload the WXR file created from your existing WordPress.com blog. If your blog includes other authors, add them or set the new author to your user account. Since my blog has one user, I will re-assign all the posts to use the administrator user of this WordPress site, “admin” .

Now click on Posts to view all your imported posts from WordPress.com blog. Enjoy blogging on your new WordPress blog powered by Windows Azure J



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