Profiling PHP application on Azure Web Apps

Zend Z-Ray is a debugging/profiling solution offered by Zend technologies. Azure App service team has partnered with them to bring their solution into Azure App service helping developers build better PHP applications on our platform.

To enabled Zend Z-ray , you must have atleast one web application on Azure Web App service. Login to Azure management portal and select your web application.


Click on Settingsà Zend Z-ray

You may select the respective tier based on what type of web app you are using. For development purposes, you should use the FREE Sku and for production websites you should use STANDARD Sku.

For this blog post I am going to use STANDARD Sku . Once you select the Sku , you need to purchase the feature (Note that this feature is in preview mode and hence free to use until they are in preview mode. )

If you browse your website now, you will see a status bar for Z-ray that shows all information you need to debug your applications

Once the feature has been successfully enabled , click on Z-Ray Management dashboard to configure the profiler to show up in the browser status bar only if admin of the website and not your end users .

Use the secured mode to allow only admin/developer of your site to access the profile on your site

Click on the Tokens tab on the left side menu to create a new token

Specify the IP address restriction or URL based restriction for your website

To use the token, add the token URL as a GET parameter to the page URL. For example:<token-string&gt;

To remove an access token, click the Remove Token button under the Actions column in the Tokens list. To expired an access token without removing it, click the Expire Token button .

Z-Ray Live

You can view real-time info on all the requests being made to the Web server, including non-browser based requests, such as APIs, Web services, and mobile requests. Click on Z-Ray Live! On the left side menu . When using an Access token , only URLs with the access token will be displayed with Z-Ray Live !




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