Month: April 2014

Baking with Cake PHP on Azure Websites

Cake PHP is a MVC framework that makes it easy to quickly build web applications . CakePHP has an inbuilt tool called BAKE that allows you automatically create you controller , view and model files including source code. This article will show you how to use this tool if you have a CakePHP web application running on Azure websites.

  1. Install Cake PHP from the Websites Gallery. Click here to learn how to install the framework.
  2. When a website is created on WAWS, a Kudu website is created to support GIT deployments on WAWS. To access your Kudu site , you need to use the URL in this format .To learn more see , How to access Kudu Service
  3. You need to update the PATH environment variable to Console folder for using cake command line tool. This step needs to be performed every time a browser session is created for accessing KUDU website that is running on WAWS. To make this easy , create a batch script with the following code

set path=%path%;%home%\site\wwwroot\app\console

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Running Drush on Windows Azure Websites

Drush is a shell-based application used to control, manipulate, and administer Drupal sites. On the surface, drush is an excellent tool for updating site modules and managing your Drupal website. In this article you will learn,

  1. How to setup Drush on WAWS website running Drupal
  2. How to manage your Drupal site using Drush

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