Month: October 2015

Azure Web Apps – Basic Operations Checklist

Here is a checklist that can be used to gauge your web app prior to launch it in production. It includes questions that developers or IT professionals or cloud solution architects ask customers when they seek guidance to avoid common pitfalls not obvious to new users. Use this checklist to confidently deploy and launch your web application on Azure App Service. Continue reading “Azure Web Apps – Basic Operations Checklist”


FAQ- Deployment slots with Azure Web Apps

Azure Web Apps has a cool feature called Deployment slots. Using a deployment slot when deploying you application code to production has a few benefits:

  • allows you to  validate your web app changes in a staging deployment slot before pushing the changes to production web app
  • By deploying a web app to a slot first and swapping it into production ensures that all instances of the slot are warmed up before being swapped into production. This eliminates cold start for your application. The traffic redirection is seamless, and no requests are dropped as a result of swap operations. You can also use Autoswap which means every time you push your code update to that slot, App Service will automatically swap the web app into production after it has already warmed up in the slot.
  • Gives you the flexibility to rollback . After a swap, the slot with previously staged web app now has the previous production web app. If the changes swapped into the production slot are not as you expected, you can perform the same swap immediately to get your “last known good site” back.

Before using Deployment slots which gives you the ability to spin up multiple development environments to test and stage your application reducing risk downtime due to code deployment , you might have a few question on how to use them . Here are some questions I captured to help understand what you need to know before you start using this feature with your web app .

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Clone your web app content between two azure web apps or slots

Once you have a stage web app (or deployment slot ) , you need an easy way to port content from your primary web app to stage web app or slot . Here is a tool that allows you do exactly this ..


Download the tool from Release folder. Before running the tool download the source and destination web app’s publish settings file from the Azure Portal . If your application has a database , update SQLServerDBConnectionString (if using sql azure databse) or mySQLDBConnectionString ( if using mysql datbase) to point to remote database associated with the app

   AzureWebAppClone.exe -s path-to-source-publish-settings -d path-to-dest-publish-settings

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