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Using Django, Python, and MySQL on Windows Azure Web Sites: Creating a Blog Application

Learn to develop Python Web Applications using Visual Studio for Windows Azure Websites


Bottle Python Framework now on Windows Azure Websites

Bottle is a fast, simple and lightweight WSGI micro web-framework for Python.  This tutorial shows you how to create a website on Azure for Bottle Framework in just a few clicks.  You require a Windows Azure account to begin.Once you are logged into the Management portal, you will need to create a new site “from gallery” as shown below


Choose “App Frameworks” category and then select Bottle . Click on Next


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Using Virtual environment to build your python application for Azure

Python stack on Windows Azure is bare bones  and may not include all the libraries that your application may require. The best way to build your application for Azure is setting up a virtual environment for your application that you can deploy to Windows Azure website . Here is what you need to do to setup your own development environment for your application :

Install virtualenv

If you don’t have virutalenv installed , you can install it using PIP or Easy install tools . Make sure you have python setup tools installed for Python 2.7.x . Run the following command to install virtualenv

c:\python27>Scripts\easy_install virtualenv


c:\python27>Scripts\pip install virtualenv

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